February 28, 2010

BPO Properties REIT Conversion

BPO Properties, a public subsidiary of Brookfield Properties at 89%, will convert to a Reit in April 2010. The transaction does not really change the economics of Brookfield, however its implications are more subtle. Please note that I own Brookfield Properties.

  1. Brookfield Properties will follow the same game plan of Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), its parent, by creating ownership structures floating them and earning management fees from them. Not only Brookfield Properties will de-leverage its balance sheet, which it badly need, but will establish high Return on equity revenue stream.
  2. BPO Reits will be sold to less than 50% by Brookfield in the future as Brookfield will not want to consolidate debt of the Reit. Also conversion to a Reit mostly will benefit retail investors rather than corporate subsidiaries, as dividend income flows between corporation tax free.
Given that I am not sure why BPO Properties shot up 10% on the announcement? There will be more supply of BPO shares in the future and higher cost structure given all the fees the Brookfield Properties will earn from them.