September 10, 2008

Lehman brother to Split

Lehman Brother will spin off its commercial real estate into a separate company according to their conference call. Depending on the portfolio and the leverage, which they said will be "appropriate" for the economic cycle. I translate that into conservative leverage. This can a good opportunity to own some commercial real estate at steep discount.

Look, the whole crises with Lehman revolves around liquidity and not about the quality of the its assets. Therefore if those assets go on sale it will a great investment opportunity. I can't wait to see the registration statement for the spin off and the details of the assets. Moreover, the whole crises, if you call it that, in commercial real estate is one of financing and not fundamentals of oversupply and rent growth, retail in some markets is an exception.

Lehman is  expected to complete the spin off in Q1 09.


Jae Jun said...

This spin off is potentially a huge opportunity for those that get past the headlines.

I'm very excited about this.

Sami said...

I hope that we get to first quarter of 2009 to see that spin off and Lehman can follow through with its plans.