February 20, 2008

East invest in west and west in east

Here is an interesting observation where eastern investors are investing wealth in the west and western investors going east. The observation is anecdotal at best and I did not want to spend time to verify it but here is some recent headlines:

  1. Sovereign Wealth funds bailout of western banks from Citi to UBS.
  2. North American Investors buys record foreign investment
  3. Chinese and Middle eastern buy into the Canadian Energy sector
  4. JP Morgan to invest $.75 Billion in Asia
  5. Turkey's Buffett to invest in west
There other examples of such stories. It may be that the grass is always greener on the other side. But I think that both groups are smart investors and finding value and diversifying away their systemic risk. The morale is opportunities at the current environment can be found just look for the right value.

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