March 7, 2008

To blog you need a lawyer

Carl Ichan can't seem to blog on his own. His lawyers are suppressing his creative juices. May be I should start passing my posts by his lawyers to see what they think.

Blunt-spoken financier Carl Icahn, who has amassed a fortune worth an estimated $14 billion during a combative Wall Street career that spanned nearly 50 years, disclosed last month that he’s joining the Internet age by starting a blog.

The blog, the 71-year-old Queens-born billionaire said, was aimed at sharing his often-scathing views about the state of corporate governance in this country, which he routinely disparages.

So far, however, readers wanting a fix of the latest Icahn blast on The Icahn Report, have been disappointed, with the site simply sporting a dour picture of Icahn with the notation, “blog coming soon.”

At a meeting last night, Icahn explained that he’s not suffering from writers’ block, but said his lawyers are stopping him. ”Every night, I write for an hour and they tear it up,” said Icahn with a sardonic laugh.

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